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I can't leave the wet food out for nibbles, since the dog thinks it smells utterly divine and would snitch it as soon as my back was turned, the little stinker. he leaves the cat alone at mealtimes (I've made very sure of that!) but if I'm running the garbage out or something, he'd take the chance to steal the wet.

yes, he was vaccinated for rabies at the same time, and she said they used an injection for anesthesia rather than gas.

I should probably mention that since I posted, Gizmo has left a gift, and it's back to normal. normal level of stink (meaning a light odor that dissipates rapidly, rather than the stench that filled the apartment and required a couple windows open to get rid of) and he hasn't farted since.

and do you recommend any particular brands besides the Wellness? Frisky's, Fancy Feast? I'm staying away from Iams, which is what I had him to begin with, until I learned a bit more. Appreciate the help!
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