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Originally Posted by jassy3399 View Post
He's on the Wellness wet, although I leave a little bit of kibble out for nibbles (also Wellness).
Any chance you can leave wet out for nibbling instead of kibble?

Originally Posted by jassy3399 View Post
The vet assured me that this is in no way related to his neuter last week, so I'm really baffled.
I wouldn't be so sure. The stress of anesthesia can sometimes result in digestive issues, and if Gizmo was given antibiotics at all, that can certainly be a contributing factor. I can't remember, was he vaccinated at the same time?

Originally Posted by jassy3399 View Post
Is it the food all of a sudden? he's been on this food for 2-3 months now with no problems.
Food sensitivities can develop over a period of time after repeat exposure. Not saying you should do this right now, but maybe in the near future it would be a good idea to start feeding a variety of brands. That minimizes the potential for problems arising due to vitamin deficiencies/excesses in one particular product, as we just saw with the recent Wellness recall.

In the meantime, pick up some human probiotics from a health food store (refrigerator section) and mix a pinch into Gizmo's wet food. Some brands to look for are Natural Factor's Ultimate Multi and MegaFood's MegaFlora. If those aren't available, find something with little or no dairy, high potency (billions of organisms), and a wide variety of bacteria strains. You only need to mix 1/6 of a capsule into each meal for a week to 10 days.

While you're at the health food store, look for some slippery elm bark or marshmallow root powder. 1/4 tsp in with wet food (given separately from the probiotics if you're also giving those) twice a day for several days may help sooth Gizmo's intestinal tract.
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