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Gizmo has a tummy upset

Okay, a few days ago, I noticed that Gizmo's poos had started to stink somewhat more than usual. Then, last night, he went and it was absolutely rancid. I cleaned the box right away, and found that he'd had diarrhea, which was followed by serious gas, which still has not subsided. I've already been on the phone with his vet, and we're waiting for him to produce a stool sample, but I am just at a loss as to what could be causing this. I'm very, very careful to keep all dairy out of his reach, along with any and all other foods not made for cats. not to mention medications and cleaning products, so I'm sure it's not that he ate something he wasn't supposed to. He's on the Wellness wet, although I leave a little bit of kibble out for nibbles (also Wellness). In all other ways, he's completely normal. He's not complaining, he's still active and crazy, still as affectionate as always. The vet assured me that this is in no way related to his neuter last week, so I'm really baffled. Is it the food all of a sudden? he's been on this food for 2-3 months now with no problems.
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