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Your roses are so pretty, all of them! From my perspective, "very little flowering" in winter sounds pretty nice. Snow is over-rated. I'm not even close to a zone where pampas grass is considered a perennial. Sigh.

The regular petunias I think were tiny (snapdragons are tiny!), but the trailing are bigger. I think they're also coated so I don't know how much of the size is actually seed. Same with the begonias, as a couple are just up, if leaf size is any indication of seed size, they were tiny tiny tiny but coated. When you sell 10-12 for $5 instead of 100-300 for $2, I guess you have to make sure they're at least visible to the naked eye.

Supposedly sweet peas don't transplant well, but I think that risk is better than missing out on the flowers again. Maybe I'll do half and half.
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