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The Pilgrim is a lovely rose, I agree, klm. Some of them are so photogenic that I bless the digital camera being invented. I thought my old Sony Mavica was good, just using floppies, but I go nuts with a digital. Still, the Mavica is good for short doggy videos.
I am looking forward to your Spring/Summer gardens. There is usually very little flowering here during Winter, but then I've put so many new things in, the garden might surprise me. We'll see.

SamIAm, they say if in doubt, read the instructions, but there were none.

Pink Pampas grass, that sounds nice, though here I think Pampas Grass has to be disposed of carefully from a garden , it can take off in the wild. I don't ever start my Sweet Peas outside. I put everything in punnets, otherwise ants or some other insect takes the seeds. Your garden should be a picture. Are you doing Petunias from seed? Don't they have microscopic seed? I only ever get them as seedlings because of that.
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