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Sorry, Shirley,1011, I didn't see your post earlier. I got sidetracked, upping the insurance on my dog trailer. They've increased in price by $2,500 since I got mine.
I do get black spot, also, to a much lesser degree, powdery mildew. The latter only seems to effect (umm, dark red rose, ummm ... having a senior moment here) Papa Meilland. I have two plants of that rose, the one protected by the house gets the powdery mildew, the one out in the breeze doesn't. So, with my garden big and open, I think that's why I don't get that much black spot either, roses need light and air around them. For powdery mildew I use a milk and water spray, for blackspot one of those sprays you can buy for a number of purposes, aphids , black spot etc..
I hate to admit this, SamIAm, my sister gave me some of those coin thingies and I didn't realise they expanded so threw them out. Duh! They looked useless to me. Now you know who's useless. So what did you plant other than pansies?
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