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Raggs again ate about 1/4 of his meal and then lay down in the hall. He didn't go back to bed, nor did he want to go out. So I have no idea what is causing him to want to go out so many times after his first meal of the day when all the supplements and meds are in his food. I forgot to add the chicken broth to the list of things that are different between his two meals, I add it to his first meal and not his second.

He still seems very tired all the time heading for his bed and not eating his treats at night. He seems to wake up very late at night just when I'm ready to go to bed. That's when he's been eating the rest of his food and then heads for bed. This week he's been sleeping most of the day then he gets up when I call him when I sit down to watch TV, He doesn't stay with me very long just until he's had a few small pieces of treats and then he goes back to bed.

I am not sure what to do at this point. His quality of life is non existent with him sleeping all day and night. His gums are a bit pale but not too bad, so I'm not sure what is going on. I am still pushing the liver as I think it is the only thing that is keeping him alive but I wonder if it's time to make the decision, though he doesn't appear to be in pain and still smiles away and looks happy when he's awake.

I keep hoping for improvement but so far I haven't seen any. This week the days are essentially the same. He is also molting really badly, almost looks like he's shedding all his hair, though it is being replaced with new hair. I have read that an animal under physical stress, be it from illness or other stress, will molt more than usual. I keep my fingers crossed

Thanks all I really appreciate your thoughts and prayers,
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