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Thanks, TeriM. Great news that finally Spring is nearly there. Share your photo's, please. It's interesting to see what grows there, though I do get envious. I just realised the other day that I'm one of those people who goes through a plant catalogue and decides she'd like every plant in her garden. Is that an addiction, or what? (Haven't told my husband yet what I've ordered from the last catalogue. It'd be cheaper to take up smoking again.)

SamIam, that's an interesting way to grow pansies, are they peat pots? I am just so totally hooked on growing plants from seed. I did 32 punnets the other day. We're out of milk, so whoever goes to town can bring back some more seed raising mix, I'm sure there is more I can plant yet. I guess you could easily get Spring annuals started there by using a sunny windowsill? Thinking of which, I should go out and see if my seedlings need water.
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