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My friend was here all week and left today. Raggs liked having her around but he still spent much of his time in bed. Even at night he only came for a short TV time and then went back to bed. He is still only eating one meal a day, if that. This week he hasn't been eating until very late in the day, and yesterday he had only eaten about 1/4 of his food before midnight. We were up playing scrabble until about 3am and he finally ate the rest of his food at 2 am. Then promptly wanted more. So I gave him a little rice with lots of liver and ground beef and he ate all of it and then disappeared to bed.

After he eats he wants to go outside over and over again. He is still strong enough to get up and down the stairs, but is definitely sleeping a lot of the time. He doesn't have diarrhea, isn't vomiting, so I'm trying to figure out what is different about his second meal from his first. None of the supplements that I add to his first meal should cause him to want to go. So I am baffled with the fact that he ate his second meal last night and went directly to bed whereas he had been out 5 times right after his first meal. What I add to the first meal of the day is flax seed, a sardine, his vitamins and minerals (2 types, one natural, the other for both cats and dogs) his Uba Vet and his metacam. I hope it is not the metacam that is causing the diarrhea, because he will have a severe problem getting to his feet at all if I have to stop it. Does anyone have any ideas what it could be?

He has appeared now and I'm going to try to feed him,will post again after he eats.
Thanks everyone for asking, I hadn't posted because nothing had really changed in the past few days.
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