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Originally Posted by chico2 View Post
BenMax,how sad for her,who could have had a better lifeYou certainly are one very strong young lady,who chose to be a comfort to the many unfortunate dogs needing help.

Do you notice any upswing in the Cane Corsos,because of our idiotic pit-bull ban??
Not strong Chico2..but very sad that this has been on going for so many years. Honestly, after 16 years, I thought at one point I would not be in this position...and was hoping that society would have been alittle more educated.

I cannot say that there is a considerable upswing, but I have noticed more than 'usual'. I don't think that I can blame it on the pitbull ban for this breed in particular. I have however seen more dogos than usual. I think that this breed may replace the pittie as the numbers coming are significant since what we see are female breeders.

I think BSCC may be the best person to address in regards to this question.
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