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I have two labs right now, bought them when they were puppies. I live in the country were they have LOTS of room to run. I know the labs we have out here are toward the large side of the breed. They are wonderful, friendly family dogs, but they are extremly energetic! If you live in a city with little to no yard, you would have to take the dog to the park for at least AT LEAST an hour a day. Not including other walks to go potty! They love to pounce and play, so you wouldn't really want a pup/young adult if you are living in an apartment. They are also prone to seperation anxiety! Which means if they are the only animal at home when you leave for work, you will come home to a disaster in your home, torn up trash and furniture to mention a few things they can do. I would suggest getting a smaller, dog while you are young and unsettled. When you are able to buy a home, and have room for running, then you can consider getting a larger breed dog.
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