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Welcome to Pets, it is a great place to learn about kitties.

The best diet for your kitten would be a properly prepared raw diet, no veggies or fruit needed. I do find, though, that commercially made raw diets can have too much bone in it and cause constipation, so what I have done when I was purchasing it was to add a bit of fresh meat to it.

Other really great foods are:

Wellness, canned, the grainfree varieties
Natures Variety, Instinct
Fromm's 4 star
Organics by Nature

These foods can be found in a quality pet food store, not in a grocery store.

You will find if you feed your kitten a raw diet, it will have superior muscle mass to a kibble diet, that is proof that it is far healthier than processed food, especially kibble.

As was pointed out in previous posts, cats should get their water from their food, that is the way nature intended for animals to get it. Nature did not provide glasses for animals to drink from, but just a tongue that is not efficient at lapping up water. Imagine yourself eating crackers all day and trying to get enough fluids by licking up water. That is what is happening to your cat if you feed it kibble. Your cat will be chronically dehydrated.

SamIam, just a quick comment on eating the contents of the stomach: My super hunter, Snowball, did not eat the contents of the stomach, usually just the heads, except if it was a baby bunny , then the contents of the stomach were left for me to clean up. . Also, a deer was killed by a pack of coyotes a couple of years ago in my back yard, The ONLY thing left behind was the contents of the stomach which the crows took care of.
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