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Originally Posted by aslan View Post
there is an all meat based diet,,it's called a raw diet...where you go to the store buy raw meat,,organ meats,,etc prepare it in proper amounts then feed it to your pets,,personally that is the best diet for a pet over canned or kibble.

To the OP,,a canned diet would be much better for your kitten. Wellness, Evo etc are excellent foods,,i would rather feed an kitten a less than perfect canned diet over a kibble diet any day and in the long run it will save you money on vet fees.
Since I have been a member on this forum I have learnt so much about feeding. Based on all the excellent advice given, I moved my cats to can Evo, and Wellness. The difference is amazing. They look great, coats are shining like no tommorrow, and I have not had a vet visit in almost 2.5 years.
Thank you so much to all those cat savvy people: L4H, SCM, Chico2 and of course 14+K..for all their knowledge and advice.

And of course yes...Aslan as well.
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