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You said:
Originally Posted by 14+kitties View Post
The very best thing you can do for your kitten is to get him off the dry food all together and onto a good canned food. Cats need their fluids with their food, not beside their food.
Common sense is great, but I'm afraid it is not common at all. The statement can easily be interpreted as discouraging the presentation of water separate from the food.
A cat needs a bowl of fresh water available regardless of what she is fed, and regardless of how rarely some cats may use it. You could wet their food to the point of soup, and I would still say, offer the plain fresh water for whenever they want or need it.

Good luck with the job.

I'll go to that website and get back to you on what I read, it's a bit long so not right now.

As for what I was saying about mice and rabbits, I was unclear. I did not mean that an identical diet would be suitable for both cats and dogs. I was just stating that a major natural meat source that would be a suitable ingredient for a raw cat food and for a raw small dog food is largely unavailable.
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