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Originally Posted by SamIam View Post
Exactly. I believe they are linked. My concerns for whimsicalator's vet are that
1) His income is higher priority than what's best for the cat, and
2) He thought he knew everything 20 years ago, quit learning, and knows little of recent advances in nutrition or elsewhere.

It's great that you got that out of the little bit whimsicalator typed. Me - guess I have a little more faith in human nature. I just got vet wants to make a little more money so pushes the food he sells. I wouldn't necessarily say his income is higher priority than the patients he is supposed to be looking after. He probably would have been out of business by now if that were the case. Word of mouth about a bad vet goes a long way.

If you need to confirm for yourself that Purina is nowhere near the bottom of the barrel, you may need to look harder. You may be shocked what's out there that people feed their cats.

I don't need to confirm anything thanks. I work in a place where the crappiest food is sold daily. I risk losing my job trying to convince people t buy a better quality, canned food. Surprisingly not something my store sells. I direct them to a good pet food store. That along with the research I have done and our marvellous cat guru(s) on Pets and learning how to read ingredients labels has done marvels for my education re pet food.

Now! does have canned food as well. Please be careful when you say a cat should have their water with their food not beside it. A cat should always have access to clean fresh water regardless of what they are fed, and I am quite certain more than once I have seen a stray cat on a very natural mouse-based diet drink water.

Yes, Now does. But - the OP was speaking of feeding her kitten dry Now so that is what I have focused on. I do believe when members replied they explained the difference between dry and wet. I also do not believe I ever said not to give your cat water. Please be so kind as to point that out to me. If you can find it I will apologize. As with any animal I figured it was common sense to leave water out for them. Didn't think it needed to be said. You can also add extra water to the canned food if you are concerned your cat is not getting enough to drink or is showing signs of dehydration.

Yes I do believe it is okay to feed a cat fruits, vegetables, and even grains. Carnivore is a relative term: dogs are more carnivorous than humans; cats are more carnivorous than dogs. Feral, farm, and wild cats do not eat solely muscle meat, they eat the the whole animal, including the large portion of the prey that is their stomach and intestinal contents. They will also eat vegetable amount in varying smaller amounts. No, I do not believe wheat, rice, corn, etc. should be a large portion of the diet of a cat, dog, or human.

Interesting that you have seen that. With all of the feral cats I have worked with over the years that brought me wonderful pressies of mice, rabbits, etc and then proceeded to eat them in front of me not one ate the intestines or stomach contents. When I wasn't fortunate to see the body before kitty(s) decided to make done with it I was normally lucky enough to step in said stomach/intestines. But then I haven't worked with that many I suppose that I can make that type of judgement.

I would love to see a tested approved mouse-based or rabbit-based raw diet that would be more suitable for cats and small dogs. I know they exist, but only in vary large cities.
We are speaking about cats here, not dogs. They have completely different dietary needs. Earlier on in this thread I posted a web site. Interesting reading if you have the time. There are many many more out there as well.
Assumptions do nothing but make an ass out of u and me.

We can stick our heads in the sand for only so long before it starts choking us. Face it folks. The pet population is bad ALL OVER THE WORLD!
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