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Originally Posted by 14+kitties View Post
That's interesting because my vet also sells that food. She knows my views on it and does not push it. She also does not do unnecessary tests.
Exactly. I believe they are linked. My concerns for whimsicalator's vet are that
1) His income is higher priority than what's best for the cat, and
2) He thought he knew everything 20 years ago, quit learning, and knows little of recent advances in nutrition or elsewhere.

If you need to confirm for yourself that Purina is nowhere near the bottom of the barrel, you may need to look harder. You may be shocked what's out there that people feed their cats.

Now! does have canned food as well. Please be careful when you say a cat should have their water with their food not beside it. A cat should always have access to clean fresh water regardless of what they are fed, and I am quite certain more than once I have seen a stray cat on a very natural mouse-based diet drink water.

Yes I do believe it is okay to feed a cat fruits, vegetables, and even grains. Carnivore is a relative term: dogs are more carnivorous than humans; cats are more carnivorous than dogs. Feral, farm, and wild cats do not eat solely muscle meat, they eat the the whole animal, including the large portion of the prey that is their stomach and intestinal contents. They will also eat vegetable amount in varying smaller amounts. No, I do not believe wheat, rice, corn, etc. should be a large portion of the diet of a cat, dog, or human.

I would love to see a tested approved mouse-based or rabbit-based raw diet that would be more suitable for cats and small dogs. I know they exist, but only in vary large cities.
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