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This pup appears chocolate/tan dapple, standard dapple should not have hearing or vision issues.
As stated if 2 dappled or a dapple and a dapple carrier, or 2 dapple carriers are bred you can get double dapple which causes defects of the eyes and hearing among other possible anomalies, so these breedings should never be done for safety concerns.
I think this is also why typically at show you see only standard black and tan or tan. I think many breeders simply avoid and dapples and piebalds all together since you have to very closely scrutinize lineage to try not and produce health issues.
I have a doxie, he is a shelter pup so I got him the way he is. But doing some research into the breed I feel that colour should be the last concern, and breeding sound physically and mentally balanced dogs with solid temperaments, and strong backs is key to the survival of this breed. If picking the pup from a breeder please research what you need to be looking for and if possible look for reccomendations, lineage, and vet records if you can to ensure the pup comes from a sound background. Please avoid backyard breeders or puppy mills who are constantly producing cute pups but that you have no real guarantee on.
It is so easy to end up with a dog with IVDD or having a overly snappy/timid temperament, I think this is what needs to be focused on, as well as keeping the major and minor genetic health issues regulated or eliminated (eye issues, various skin and joint issues, endocrine problems)
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