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Chocolate dapple & tan.

Silvers are grey, not brown. Single dapples have areas of normal colour (this pup's normal colour is chocolate) and areas of dilute colour. Most dapples are about 50/50, but it variable. Double dapples have areas of normal colour, dilute areas, and white patches, all randomly distributed over the dog. This puppy's white chest marking is just a normal white chest marking that can occur on any breed.

Some vision reduction, such as poorer night vision, is possible with any lighter colour eyes, including light brown, blue, etc. Major problems like partial or complete blindness, deafness, intestinal problems, tend to be resticted to the double dapples. There are some double dapple dachshunds with no problems whatsoever, but the risk is there, so most breeders will avoid it by always breeding a dapple to a non-dapple tan-point dog, that way no pup will be a double.

If it's a puppy you're considering buying, feel free to do simple hearing/vision tests. Colour-related problems should be present from birth, so either it's there or it isn't.
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