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Originally Posted by KTroutt View Post
Hi I just got my "Chorkie" (chihuahua/Yorkie) puppy 5 days ago. the lady i got her from was...soso? she said she gave the puppy it's shots and all of that but I'll be asking her to send me the receipt of that soon just so i have proof. the puppy is 9 weeks old and is eating "Blue" i read up about the " Blue" food and found it to be the healthiest. she eats NO human food at all. But I am a little concerned about a few things..

1. she sneezes a lot more then any other dog i have ever owned. she scared me this morning when she had a sneezing fit and just wouldn't stop. is that ok? what can that mean?

2. I found a little glob of mucus in her stool this morning as well.. I did google what it could mean so i plan on going to get her worm medicine just in case. but should I be very concerned about that too?

She does play a lot she is very active always running around and barking or growling like an adorable little puppy she eats very well and drinks and has normal body functions everyday. Oh and she does get her sleep I know puppies are supposed to sleep a lot and she does!
Please help me out and ease some of my worries if you can...
If a good breeder does their own vaccines, they would provide you a paper with the label off the vaccine vial - the same label your vet would put into her file. If the soso breeder didn't know they should do that, have doubts. Assume your puppy is not vaccinated, as improper handling or administration of vaccines makes them useless.

If they took the puppies to the vet, the vet would have made out a little health records pamphlet for the breeder to send along with each puppy.

Puppies of tiny breeds are delicate, you should definitely not be giving over-the-counter medication or bribing her to eat with fancy foods. She has not had even one vet exam, and she will need three or more just to cover her shots. Even if the soso breeder did give one set of vaccines, she is not protected from serious illness like distemper and parvo until after all boosters are complete.

Stick to her regular food only. You can also get a supplement from the pet store that will protect her from hypoglycemia if she is off her food, use it until your vet is able to see her. The sneezing and mucus may or may not be significant, hopefully she'll sneeze at the vet's office so they can hear it, and of course they can do a fecal exam easily to see if there's anything to worry about there.

That bloated belly is a concern. Some puppies get a big round belly following a big meal, but it sounds like yours isn't that. If there is any pain or discomfort get to the emergency vet immediately!
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