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Elevated Liver Levels

Hi All.

I have just received my 6 year old (in-tact) male labrador's blood results and his liver related levels are elevated: ALT 231; Amylase 944; RBC 8.5; Hemoglobin 206 and Hematocrit 0.58.

What advice can you give on the best course of action please? I would first like to try a new food (diet) as he did go on to a new food several moths ago and gained 7llbs as it's high in protein, etc, and also accompany it with SAMe. Then, following a few weeks (how many I am unsure) get another test done to see if the levels have dropped. This just seems worth a try to me before jumping right in with biopsies, etc. But, I could be wrong. Please help with advice.

He is showing no signs of jaundice, loss of appetite, lethargy, vomiting, etc.

Thank you!

PS. Also, what is the best type of food I should buy that will give him the best nutrients and help his liver? And the best SAMe too?
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