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Originally Posted by groundwire View Post
I am afraid that one day she will go out side to her favorite spot and just go there and me find her there.
Would that be so bad, groundwire? Having her pass peacefully in her favorite place? If it happens, what a gift that would be! So if it happens, no guilt, k?

Originally Posted by groundwire View Post
Matsi is my first dog and I guess this is why I dont want her to go yet.
We never seem to have enough time with them--they leave us so soon. But it's even more difficult to let them go when they're you're soulmate--and it does sound like that's the special relationship you have with Matsi. Just remember that she was there for you when you needed it and now, as sad as it is, you're there for her when she needs you most. You're her , making sure she's comfy and looking out for her best interest. (And, I might add, doing a great job!)

Originally Posted by groundwire View Post
Did you get radiation or Chemo for your friends ?
Thank you for being honest w/me about all this Cancer stuff.
We did not, and I've not heard of many that have. Unless you catch it really early, it seems like recovering from the side-effects of treatment would take up about all the time you'd gain from having those treatments done. It's just such a heartbreaking condition.

All you can do is your best, groundwire, and as long as you make your decisions with Matsi's best interest at heart, you can't go wrong. No one can fault you. And Matsi loves you forever.

So cherish each moment and make some happy memories and believe that your decisions are the best that can be made. Because they are!
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