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thanks Cell

Originally Posted by cell View Post
Trying to correct a fear reaction is unlikely to work (as you stated) also petting and comforting them is also not going to work because you are telling them their aggressive fearful reaction is allowed.
You will need to work to having them remain calm, and then praising them for being calm when the other dogs pass, you can also simply start by distracting them with food at first. When you first pot a dog try getting off to the side, or going into a yard and get the dogs to focus on you.

Did your first dog have these reactions or only after the new dog arrived? Who seems to be the instigator? You may need to work 1 on 1 with Bruno to improve his behavior. Usually one dog is the problem and the other just follows suit, manage the dog triggering the reactions and the second dog will likely follow quite quickly.
We really appreciate your advice.
Actually last night we did exactly that, we decided to "divide and conquer", so we took them on separate training walks. We realize we will need to do some training work. Going for walks when we only had one dog was fun for us, but we realize now that we are going to have to do some work with the dogs separately.

One more question.
There are two situations that were difficult....the walks....and the visit to the leash free park.

We are pretty clear on what we need to do to get the dogs to behave on walks.

Let me ask a question about the leash free park.
As Bruno is the one who gets aggressive with biting at the leash free park (and then Ares joins in the attack), we were thinking we could possibly buy a muzzle for him, we were thinking if he was unable to bit, he might not get aggressive.
However I have some real reservations about this.
We could just NOT go to the leash free park until Bruno is older and better behaved.
He (Bruno) has so much fun at the leash free park with dogs that are bigger than him, it is the very small ones that he picks on.
(Our dog is a little embarassing!!)

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