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Dog nipped at 2 family memebers!!!

Hi everyone. About 7 weeks ago i adopted a 6ish year old male black lab, hes was a stray. He almost immediately was comfortable and happy in his new home. He is very affectionate and soft. My issue is, the other day he made a nip gesture towards a friend. We were at the friends house when the friend walked in the door, tobi quickly ran over to greet him in his usually manner. Ears forward, curious, tail wagging. But he does have a sence of territorial pride. As the friend made a "jump up" gesture tobi happily jumped up to say hi, thats when tobi nipped towards his face! He didnt make any growl sounds or angry gestures. He even directly after tried to lick their face as if nothing happened? I got upset and got him to lay down etc to show he had done something wrong. I didnt think much of it tho assuming maybe he got spooked, but tonight it happened again. This time at my house with my dad who lives with us. The two of them met 2 weeks ago and have grown to be very close since my dads home all day with him. As my dad went out the front door to grab something he closed the door behind him. Tobi was waiting at the front door for the 10 seconds my dad was gone. When he re entered the house, he leaned over to rub tobi's ears. Thats when tobi nipped at him. He left a scratch on my dads chin. My dad yelled at tobi and tobi immediately obeyed, walked a few steps in a low positions and layed down, ears pinned back with a scared look. I ordered him to go to his room which he did. He is a little territorial of our home. He looks proud when someone knock. But we have had friends just walk in the front door and he doesnt do anything of this nature. It only seems to be when someone leans into him right after walking in. Im not sure what to think? Im worried if hes willing to have those actions towards my dad under those circumstances, is this the start of something? Im very confused about the whole thing! It was as if he forgot who my dad was. Any input/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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