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Hi Ex, we had that trouble with our rotti/lab/dane and believe me, when she got mouthy, it hurt!! our trainers solution? and man it worked in less than two weeks.......ballons.....yep, she loved balls, especially her mini basket ball, so we went to a balloon shop (no cheapies they pop in too many pieces) , blow it up so its still real "pushy" and start playing with her, the first time give her a chance and take out a second when the first pops, but after that only use one, tell him "gentle" each time you play, when it pops, play times over, we'd put it on the floor and tell her "take it" the end of two weeks she could gently lift the balloon in her mouth and bring it to us. But don't ever leave him alone with it. after that when ever she'd start to get "mouthy", we'd tell her "gentle" and it would work.
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