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Sounds like you were given a poorly bred puppy mill dog. People like that scam unsuspecting people out of their money in order to feed it into Back Yard Breeders and Puppy Miller's who treat dogs poorly and mass produce them in order to make money. I am willing to be that if you try to contact this woman again you will find she has mysteriously disappeared.

Here is some information

Puppy millers are different from “hobby breeders,” who have a fondness and respect for a particular
breed that they want to maintain and share. There are several ways to tell them apart. Puppy mills:

• Usually have several breeds of dogs for sale, keep a lot of dogs and always have a lot of puppies,
• Often offer to ship dogs to new owners,
• Sell puppies over the Internet and in pet stores,
• Do not require an application or references from people buying a puppy,
• Usually will not allow customers to view their property or kennel,
• Don’t ask buyers to return the dog or contact them if at any point the owners cannot keep the dog,
• Breed females every time they come into heat so they are always pregnant or nursing,
• Do not typically screen dogs for genetic defects (eye, joint, hip and other congenital problems that can
be painful and expensive to treat, if treatment is even possible).

The only thing you can do right now is go to a vet ASAP and keep your new pup away from any other animals and people incase she has any infectious diseases. The person probably lied and did not inoculate your puppy properly if at all. Diseases like distemper and parvo can run rampant through brokers and puppy mills. They are often not dewormed either and can carry intestinal parasites like Roundworms, Hookworms, Tapeworms, Giardia & Coccidia which can be contagious to other animals & people.

Hope everything goes will for you at the vets. If you find anything out tomorrow let us know!
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