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Originally Posted by Longblades View Post
The hours you need to work with your dog are not chipped in stone.

Not sure, this may be a language problem, but obedience and agility are quite different disciplines. It seemed to me you wanted a dog to do both with. That is a lot of work, and expense. Going to competitions is expensive, mostly because of the travel costs.

remember: I can be more than 1h, I just thought that's their limit that they can take, sow woh much they could fine for me. actually I pretend to take all my free time with him (by the way how we know that we aren't giving to much exercise to him?)
Time it's not problem for me if it is 3h or more he needs fine to me, fine and perfectly for me and it's better to take short sessions (more fine to me sow!)

Now: I never thought that agility/obedience could be soooww diferent realy. I always thouth that the obidience was a "1st degree" for to get well in agility but I have been reflecting in the Choochie words and I will choose the obidience!

Sowww, what I conclude for now is what race will be choosen for obidience (his charactheristics and temperament) and in theory studying all the obience notions (notions and metodology!).
Well gentleman I guess I have find my path before choose the one...

Thanks all you guys! =)
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