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Matsi has a weird time w/ the Predisone, She tinkles and doesnt realize it, so when she finally figures it out she looks at me like * Woops* she knows she isnt in trouble. I have a good supply of pee pads from the last time she was on it. I wanted to do the Radiation at first until I have read some Horror stories about it burning the area , some were sick from it. I just love her to much to do that to her.
BenMax I am so glad you had such a wonderful loving time w/ your baby. I do enjoy it when Matsi gets the itchy feelin to be a pup again w/her squeeky toys, she has been doing this now about every night. But I cannot help but wonder if she is doing this for me, I totally enjoy it and crawling down the hall after her she gets a kick out of it. It hurts like hell but she dont know that. I do just wonder if she is doing this as a last great time before it happens or what.
I really hope this stuff works for her like it did me. But only time will tell. She seems to have no side affects from it at all. But she has come down w/ a green snotty nose on the good side. Like she has a cold, which could be possible cause of her immune system being shot. I called the doctor ,they werent much help, just telling me it could be a cold or it could be from her Cancer. I felt like saying * No DA ! But all of them act like they have written her off, which isnt fair cause she has alot of life in her yet.
dbg10 , what type of food are you making for your's ? I have some food called Pet
Botanics. It is a roll, she likes it but not everyday. When I make dinner I make enough for 3. But I have to be careful on what I cook,cause my Chris has had 3 heart attacks 5 months ago so I cook low sodium and all that good stuff. I mainly use Garlic Powder thats it. I do make homemade chiken noodle soup for her, the store bough has way to much salt, we stay at 2000 mg daily. She loves her tuna and Spaggitte.I also keep chicken brooth in her water bowl. She has never been a big fan of regular dog food, she likes a variety of flavors and she loves her milk and cheddar cheese. Could you maybe give me a few pointers on the kinds of food that would be better?
She loves to go for walks every day and I will not let go out for any amount of time right now w/the snotty nose.
One thing about this web site I really like is everyone here loves thier babies the same way I love mine. I hear other people say well they are just a animal, and how they would be quick to put some down, and the ones who keep them out side w/no shelter or doctor visits to keep them healthy. There should be a list of people who do that and they shouldnt be able to have a animal. But everyone here really does love them and are really concirned about thier well being, just like a kid. Do you think we are a rare breed to care so much. I feel I am so lucky that Matsi chose me , I couldnt imagine not ever having her love and child like ways. Animals are really a great gift full of so much love to share.
I am so glad for you that your baby is still w/you. Thier love is so much like no other in the world. I am so grateful for them. That book Curing Canine Cancer I have tried to get into it but because I cannot get to my bank statement for the code for the pay pal thing so I have been muddling threw it doing what I know.
Thank you for all the talks and support,it means so much to me and Matsi
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