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aggressive to other dogs


A few months ago we adopted a second dog.
Our first dog (Ares) is a 3 year old male Lakeland Terrier, our new dog (Bruno) is about 10 months old, he is part miniature poodle and part who knows. (a whoknowoodle)

When we take them on walks both dogs start barking like mad whenever they see any other dog.
When we take them to the leash free dog park (a fenced area that lots of dogs go to and are allowed to run together), Bruno gets very vicious with other dogs (smaller than him) and Ares joins in and the two of them attack smaller dogs, causing us to leave in embarrassment.

When they do the barking like mad at other dogs we have been pulling their leash and sharply saying no, but this does not do anything.
We read recently that the dog is feeling very threatened so we should actually reach down and comfort him and give him a treat.

I think we are just not ready for the leash free park until we cure this aggressive behaviour.

Any suggestions are most welcome.

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