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The intent of the Other pet critters - Birds, fish, rabbits, reptiles, exotics forum

To clarify this forum's intent to the OP and future members,

As the Admin that set up the categories of this forum, lions were not what we had in mind. Most members on our forum, myself included do not consider lions to be pets. A good look at the pics and topics as far as I know, shows no lions or lion topics, or similar topics concerning unconventional pets. As a newbie to our forum you are entering a new community and you are posting a seriously unconventional question to a group of pet-lovers.

It pleases me to no end that there is STILL a lot of very useful information in this thread, and I personally (and likely others) are getting an education.

This thread was correctly closed and although it was, the information here is valuable - Thank-you.

Although I wish as Admin I could have reacted faster to this thread, sometimes it takes me longer than some members would like. Please know I try really hard to be here many times a day every day. But I can't always react swiftly. In those times Mods take over and do the best they can and I usually support their decisions.

Something that is not helpful is quoting rude posts. It just adds more fuel to a thread going downhill. Please just report these posts. Sometimes it will take a few hours for a Mod or Admin to see the post, please just hang tight. It's not the end of the world and there's still no need to reply to the thread in anger or frustration.

You can also send me a PM at anytime. Please just make sure to send me precise post#'s though, as if you send me threads I cannot know what part of the thread is the problem.

Thanks again to all that are trying...
Please tactfully EDUCATE or IGNORE posters you don't agree with.
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