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Originally Posted by exkalibur View Post
OK, let's get back on track here....
Maybe I need to address a different behavior first since it seems to be the trigger for his mouthing : excitement...he get to that stage easily and it's not for lack of exercise.. he usually gets 3 to 4 good daily sessions of running/chasing balls and flirt pole. His energy level is always high and like I may have mentioned, he has 2 gears: park and overdrive. We have been spending more time to find a way to relax him when he gets hyper but then again...he's still a "pup" (big one).
Would you have time to do some agility training with him? Recreational classes are fun and mentally tiring - which is a good thing. He's a working dog and needs a "job".
I bet that physically he can tire your entire family and still keep going.

Another idea - teach him lots of fun tricks - again, mentally tiring for him and can be done anywhere - at home, during walks,....
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