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I have edited because in my idea, wich I'm not sure if I'm not correct, a agility/obidience dog of apartment just needs 1h or few more to exercise and dogs who requires more time can't leave in apartment, it was just with the intention to be more clear just that.

I always have sow that the obidience it was more a "playing-training", I mean not seriuous training but I confess that you have opened my eyes for something wich I'm wasn't seeing very clearly how distance is between agility and obidience, my mission now is to choose carefuly one of tham.

But by the way: if it needs more than 1h, if it necessary I have 3h or more, I have said 1h because I sow that agility dogs of an apartment just have energy for 1h and the ones who leaves in a big garden requires more time.
Since sow if 3h or more are necessary, sow it will be, time it's not my problem!

What's sow importante for you have mean the water dog by the way??
When you have that expression: "...but aren't one of those breeds". I just have make half of the translation could you explain from another way?

Just for to finish, you have said that if we would start for fun but the reason wich I hadn't mencion (my be I shoulded) it's because I want to make a first greed (or even second) in a cinotecnic bachelors. It's not just because I love tham I really want to work with tham and for this bachelors it has been explained to me that for to be a good canin monitor (if is this the correct translation) it's most usually recruted not just because he help, understand or any think else, but it must show good results in the competions showing that he work hard with their pets everyday. Well I get supose that the competion are just 50% of the requirements for to be a monitor.

I can't just be a lover dogs I need to work with tham...

P.S: water dog? just by curiosity is that o water dogwner portuguese?
Well it could be more easy for me to talk with him if he is member here of the forum (not saying that he's better to talk than the forum, just more easy to translate if he has the same nacionality )
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