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Thanks everyone for your good thoughts
Originally Posted by chico2 View Post
dbg,I think that is all we can ask for,one day,one month at a time,GOOD BOY Raggs
Yes I definitely agree, one day at a time. I haven't posted because I've been keeping my fingers crossed that he is going to complete the comeback again Yesterday I noticed that he didn't want to eat until later in the day and went outside only a few times. As one of the pee pads was wet, I assumed he had used it during the day or night.

Today he has been sleeping most of the day but did come out when a friend dropped by who he likes. When I gave him his first meal he only took a few licks of the broth and then went to lie down again, but stayed with me in the computer room.

I also noticed that he only went outside once today which is quite different from previous days, so I am worried that he is going into renal failure. Only time will tell if he is. He wakes easily but is not reacting to the cats like he usually does. However, the cats are not hanging around him so maybe he is ok and I'm just panicking. When he has had previous bleeds they have all gathered around and stayed near him
so another change that may mean he is just tired today.

A friend is coming to stay for a few days tomorrow and I am really hoping I am just panicking. We have 5 more days to go before the 3 month mark, please keep us in your thoughts and prayers as they have worked up to now

Thanks everyone I will keep you updated
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