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Originally Posted by lionking View Post
Sorry im not trying to be rude its just that on most of the forums i post people are giving me information that isnt true.... And it is really frustrating when i am asked under minding questions like do i know how much care it takes... well of course i do or i would not be getting one and can you believe someone even asked me if i planned on walking my lion.. im not even going to answer that i think it goes with out saying that we all know its not a
p.s i really do appreciate you offering your time to help answer my questions... thanks
sadly for every one person like you there are 10 or more who will get one without knowing the responsibilities. The Jungle Cat world is unfortunately full of these poor animals. So maybe SCM's idea is a possibility for you and it's a win win situation you get your lion or lol a few and the ones people have as pets and decide they can't take care of them will have a good home.