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Originally Posted by aslan View Post
I will assume that is directed at me and I also admitted that the information i was given by my local Mp was incorrect,,when i asked about information on Exotics in Ontario the woman gave me information on Toronto. I did and do apologize for posting incorrectly. There was no need to be rude, i tried to find the information you asked for on my own time and was given false information. Now from what i have googled pretty much everything is saying it depends on the municipality. I know many years ago there was a gentleman in Pefferlaw Ontario that owned two Lions but i don't know if they are still allowed in that area.
Sorry im not trying to be rude its just that on most of the forums i post people are giving me information that isnt true.... And it is really frustrating when i am asked under minding questions like do i know how much care it takes... well of course i do or i would not be getting one and can you believe someone even asked me if i planned on walking my lion.. im not even going to answer that i think it goes with out saying that we all know its not a
p.s i really do appreciate you offering your time to help answer my questions... thanks