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Originally Posted by jassy3399 View Post
Well, we got back from the vet's about half an hour ago. Gizmo is freshly neutered and came through everything just fine. He seems a bit unsettled, pacing around the house, but not overly distressed. I'm assuming it's just the stress of the day (he's never been away from home before, poor baby) and he'll settle down in a while. He's also flipping between 'I want affection' and 'leave me alone, pesky human'. although I suppose that's not really that different from normal Thanks for all you're advice on this matter, folks, I truly do appreciate it!
Sounds like all went well Try to keep him confined, especially when you go to bed tonight. If you can lock him in the bedroom with you with a litter pan that is the best thing to do. Sometimes they seem totally fine when they first come home and then get a tad bit loopy throughout the day... I've had some fosters that have come home and crashed about the room even though they seemed fine at first

Oh, and only do a small amount of food at a time because their stomach will be yucky for a day or two.

If you need any help, I will be reachable for most of today and I've been a spay/neuter tech for quite a few years, so I've seen it all
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