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Originally Posted by lionking View Post
Thanks for your message even though it doesnt help me.... but it does help most of the people on this forum understand that they dont know what they are talking about when they start you stated is true..... But please if you know of an easier way for me to figure out these answers i would like to hear back from you as i have tried calling all sorts of numbers and have gotten nowhere.... aside from calling every ministry to find out their laws... If you know of a number i could call to find out my answer please let me know thanks....
I will assume that is directed at me and I also admitted that the information i was given by my local Mp was incorrect,,when i asked about information on Exotics in Ontario the woman gave me information on Toronto. I did and do apologize for posting incorrectly. There was no need to be rude, i tried to find the information you asked for on my own time and was given false information. Now from what i have googled pretty much everything is saying it depends on the municipality. I know many years ago there was a gentleman in Pefferlaw Ontario that owned two Lions but i don't know if they are still allowed in that area.