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Originally Posted by aslan View Post
It is against Ontario Provincial law to own a lion,tiger,bear,wolf,wolf-hybrid,,etc this point it no longer matters what any municipality says. Even having an apprenticeship with a zoo wouldn't help you at this point. You have to be a licenced zoo or animal attraction to be able to have any of the exotics in Ontario, so even if you got the cub past the boarder, it can still be taken from you and then it will be placed at " jungle cat world" on hwy 115.

I am just curious if you are aware of the work involved with raising an animal like a lion. the expense and the danger to both you and your neighbours. It takes decades to even come close to breeding them to any semblance of tame. Look at Siegfried and Roy,,,these men have an extreme amount of experience and education of the animals they deal with including the one that finally attacked. We're not talking about an animal you alone would be able to control if it chose to attack someone or yourself..Even with help look at the amount of damage done to Roy in a matter of seconds..I really do hope you reconsider obtaining an animal like this.
Thanks for posting that, aslan. There is really no use going any further if the Ontario Gov't won't allow a person to own a lion as a pet.

The other thing I was thinking of is getting liability insurance. Would there be any insurance companies that would insure you???
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