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more things to try

well...ya...i was avoiding the cost of getting my Raven kitty spayed. and yep, she went into heat right on schedule. so shame on me. doh!
so will be calling the vet monday morning to figure out when it will be safe for her to get the surgery done. getting the surgery done during the heat time...ooooo, that makes me nervous. :/

so we are going to have some time to put up with this loud meowing too.
these tips are working so far on my little girl: yes, catnip helps alittle, we have two levels so she goes downstairs to do her mating skreech (luck!), she hits on the dog...distraction if nothing else :? , and simply spending time with her. get really comfortable with the idea of sexual impulses (get some maturity) and rub your cat down. give her the feel of at least alittle satisfaction. and im not trying to be offensive here. but it works. i gave Raven a good rub down and gave the normal amount of kisses..and now she is back to sleeping quietly on the kitchen chair.

I would also, try hard to were the cat down before bed. play with toys, chase her around the house, more rub downs...lots of rub downs! whatever will make her so tired she doesn't want to stay up all night looking to get laid.

good luck all
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