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Re: the scruffing. Wow! I had no idea that this was so potentially harmful. When I took my sweetheart to the vet for the first time and asked how to properly dissuade him from getting on the counters (lest you think I am lazy, I did try and do research but there was a myriad of advice on other parts of the internet....a smorgasbord which included anything from "gentle smacking" or "putting kitty in a box for time-out" to "hissing" or "spraying with water.")....anyhow, the vet's rec was to scruff him. Yikes. Last time I trust them....

Originally Posted by Jim Hall View Post
what th issues on being a counter surfer? kind of bothers me when he jumps straight from the litter box onto the kitchen counters. He also sashays right over the stove in between the counters and that's arguably a bad habit (though given my schedule and my resulting vastly superior skill of living on the student diet of sandwiches, my stove hasn't been turned on since September....)

On a fair note, Jim. Seeing as though he already jumps straight from the litter box to back in my bed when we are going to sleep, I guess I shouldn't be too concerned with the counters. Particularly as I have woken up more than once with my kitten's paws pressed against my lips or chin....a cute gesture but gross when one knows where the paws just came from
I think that's the same thing with the kitchen counters. Even though Arc and I sleep chin-to-chin and I have in 5 weeks more than surpassed maximum exposure to "his germs" including his "straight from the litter box" paws......I guess it's just psychological?

Re:14+kitties....I will never let him loose outside. But I am considering a harness when he is older and his vaccinations are complete. If he responds warmly to the trial run, I might bring him outside on that harness/leash so that he can get his outdoor fix. He really seemed to love the snow (and inexplicably, the freezing weather) along with being immersed in the fresh air/sounds/smells when he managed to get on my balcony without me noticing.

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