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Originally Posted by pattymac View Post
What is it with these types of trainers. They always seem to think that they know it all and only their methods will give you a reliably trained dog. Only they can train a dog to obey every command every time without fail. They always go on to say that anyone using positive methods cannot guarantee a dog that will listen every time!! That you always need to have a pocketful of treats or you dog will not do what you want.

There seems to be an explosion of these types of trainers, they seem to be very loud if you know what I mean on their websites, very demeaning towards anyone who uses a positive training method. Very arrogant as well. I suppose it must be their type of personality and this type of 'training' fits that type. It's too bad that the positive trainers either can't or don't want to push as hard to get their points across.

Maybe they only have access to books from the 1930s?
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