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Oh honestly.. in my books any trainer that sticks to one method and lives in a box is a bad trainer, be it all positive or what I can only assume you mean some one who uses corrections by applying the "dominance" label which is so ignorantly applied to some of these trainers. The positive only trainers can be just as bad and ignorant and equally as stuck up and arrogant, some down right abusive towards any one who disagrees with them.

There seems to be an explosion of all sorts of bad trainers who think they know it all because they watched a tv show, or answered a few posts on an internet forum, and their methods are the best and the only ones that work, and they are the only ones who can help a troubled dog and any other methods used will only ruin the dog, and god forbid should they ever even consider stepping outside of their box and using a training method alternate to theirs.
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