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Originally Posted by whimsicalator View Post
I have never had a kitten before and recently adopted one.
Congratulations! Kittens are awesome.

Originally Posted by whimsicalator View Post
the vets insisted that I feed him "Purina Vet-Approved Pediatric" food.
Of course they did! Cause they're clueless about feline nutrition, just like a huge majority of vets are. The education they receive on the subject is basically a bunch of propaganda put out by the pet food companies themselves, and then there's the obvious conflict of interest in pushing a product that they make money from. So good for you for questioning their logic.

Originally Posted by whimsicalator View Post
I want my kitten to stay healthy in every possible way for as long as possible.
Awesome! I like your attitude. And since diet is probably the most important aspect of good health after genetics, it's great that you want to start your kitten off on a good quality food (which excludes pretty much every single vet food out there). Even though good food can be expensive, the money you'll save in vet bills over the long-haul will more than make up for it.

Now having said that, it would be best if you could switch your kitten over to all wet food, as 14+ mentioned. Kibble, even grain-free, is not an appropriate feline diet, for reasons thoroughly discussed in the catinfo link. There are lots of really good canned food choices, and even balanced frozen raw food that's as easy to feed as opening a can. If you're feeling particularly adventurous, you can even make your own raw with a bit of research beforehand.

I also urge you to limit the amount of vaccinations your kitten gets. I'm running out of time so I'll just post a link for you to check out on that topic:
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