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It was a pet for my nephews. I guess I could have said it as domestic but, I would not in no way or manner stick my hand back into a wild rabbits nest to put a baby rabbit back. Im not stupid, I would get injured! I didnt ask for your help in general Kathryn I actually dont care what you have to say anymore. I just happen to check back her out of curiosity of what all had been going on I have no intention on making anymore threads here because unless everything is explained perfectly you all trip out!

If you dont understand something, ask nicely dont jump all over the person. I have actually found another forum that I enjoy I can say what I want and I dont have to reread my thread or post 10 times to make sure no one can take it the wrong way. Yea there dissagreemens but it gets worked out in a friendly way not hostile.

I think that you all need to chill out and work with people who dont quit understand or have different opinions and not jump all over them, you act like children. I believe that the moderators need to step up a bit and do there job because shutting a thread down because its in the wrong section doesnt seem quit enough to me. These "animal lovers" who get offensive and have to grip someone else out just to get satisfaction for the day or make themselves feel better need to be called out. Something needs to be done about this forum!

Again BYE BYE... I hope you all have a great argument filled, offensive time on this forum!