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I suppose I assumed it would be obvious that I am in financial difficulties since I can't take him to the vet right away... I've been unemployed for two years, and an 3 months behind on my rent.

Originally Posted by Winston View Post
Wow..I dont see anywhere in your post that says you are unemployed behind in rent or missing teeth?? regardless you have to admit that your cat needs some veterinary attention ?? so why not expect that response.??

I will really tell you the same thing?? you need to see a vet?? especially if as you indicated it is getting larger?? We are not vets here and all we can tell you is to see one?? it wouldnt be fare to you or your pet for us to try and diagnose from a photo?

Sorry you didnt get the expected response

Oh and in repsonse to your question? I did read your entire post and it did not mention any of the above??

Welcome to the site anyway.
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