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That's exactly her on the fetch game. She would rather throw her stick herself and after the 2nd or 3rd time with any game or trick she loses interest. I always carry treats in my pocket to dispense whenever she comes when called and sometimes if I can catch her not looking I hide and reward her for finding me. It is getting harder and harder to hide as she keeps an eye on me. I don't live where there are dog parks but I do take her into town to visit my sister who walks her around town to help socialize her. The first time I took her to walk along a beach this winter I had some guy come up and basically jump on top of her catching us both totally off guard. He kept demanding I let her off leash because he couldn't stand to see a dog tied up ... I couldn't get in the car fast enough. She ignored him and looked uncomfortable( much like me) but the one person we met there had to be an idiot. lol I'm quite happy back to walking on private property. I've taken her to work for a short periods of time to get her used to other people. It is other dogs we need work on and me learning to trust her. I've always had GSD and my last dog was gsd/border collie which I could never train to not chase my horses when they ran around. It was in his genes. He was awesome off leash by about 4 and I could control him by voice from my horse even along the road. I don't know if I will get that with this dog, it came easier with the shepards. All my dogs have been rescue dogs with some issue or another to work through. Chloe is my empty nest dog so probably is getting much more of my time and energy than all my past dogs. I hope to start classes with her in the next week or 2 and will post our progress. I have started to walk with my neighbour and her dog occasionally. When we approach them I basically walk on the opposite side of the road (with a halti) ignoring her bad behaviour and just keep walking and before long we are walking side by side. Getting angry or demanding just makes her worse so I've decided to walk on with expectations she behave and that she will eventually not make a big deal of having another dog along. Trial and error I guess to see what works for this particular dog. Sometimes less is more, I've learned that from years of working with my horses. Off leash meeting a dog she is pretty bossy, plays too rough and sometimes it escalates if the other dog gets offended by her vocal growling. If the other dog just ignores her and doesn't engage she settles down. She seems to get along with male dogs better then other females though. I just never know what I'm going to get and I worry about her playing with smaller dogs, she is too rough. She lived with a Great Pyrenes that simply knocked her down when he'd had enough and she is a big dog herself. I have faith doggie school will help us but suspect she will humiliate me a time or two.
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