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Ahh, she is a cutie. Definitely has a ridgie look--something else in there too, maybe a BIT of lab, eh?

I love RR--have had three and raised a litter--great breed. They certainly do need boundaries, and reminders of those boundaries daily if they happen to be one of the sharper temperaments. I had one girl 'born trained' who never put a paw wrong, but she was the exception. Obedience training and serious socialization with other dogs is required. My dogs all were leash walked a lot even before we moved to town--taken in the car to towns to practice. Retrieve? Maybe once--throw it away again and you obviously don't want it!
As for recall--tasty treats every third or fourth recall keep them coming back quicker every time. Big praise on the other times. My boy is 7.5 yrs old, and will still start after a deer, as we go on long off leash walks in the country, but come back pretty quickly to check on the dried cat kibble or cheese nibbles in my pocket, lol.

He loves the dog park, and every single breed is fine with him, altho he preferred other RR or boxers when younger, and now like smaller dogs who don't take too much effort to play with, lol. His current best buddy at home is my long haired mini-dachshund, who thinks he is just a vertically challenged RR.
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