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Inthedoghouse, I'm in Victoria(bottom right state on mainland Australia), they call it, funnily enough, the garden state. Not that appropriate for where I am, we are temperate verging on being semi arid. This Summer just gone is about the best anyone can recall though, quite wet, warm and humid, which did marvels for the garden.
Dog Dancer, things could get amusing from here on in. Everyone's dams are full and when runoff can't get into our house dam I'm not sure where it's going to go. I'll phone my friend later and see whether the floods reached her property.

Now, following our last lot of rain comes Zephyranthes candida(windflower, Zephyr Lily, Rain Lily). Following today's rain a lot more might flower.

Some different coloured Statice, another good value plant, flowers for a long time.

Red Nerines.
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