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Thank you for the reponse, it is nice to have some who knows Ridgebacks. I tried the long line leash and she was awful. She was going to chew it to pieces in about 5 minutes or if I was trying to walk her she would grab it and yank me around, jumping and biting at it and me - awful. Dragging a short leash didn't work either, it would be destroyed just like every toy I bought for her other then a kong. I walk her on a 120 acre farm where nobody lives and nobody else walks and it is surrounded by farm land beyond that (we do on leash road walks to). At our cabin up north there are 1000's of acres of woods and crown land around us and she never goes out of my sight... yet. I know it is a calculated risk to let her off leash just as I know it is a risk to let my cats outside when there are roads and coyotes around. I grew up on a farm and never remember anyone even owning a dog leash in the community - times have sure changed. I'm going to try the obedience training but there is only one place to go in my area and I'm hoping I agree with his training methods - I've heard some good, some bad. Even so the controlled exposure to other people and dogs will be good for her. I truly expect and get good manners from my kids, my horses and my dog but it sure takes consistant work to get it. lol
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