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Originally Posted by Emie&Mila View Post
Umm NO. I just noticed that you all thought the rabbit was wild. I knew the entire time that it was my brothers rabbit. He is my older brother about 30 plenty capable of taking care of a rabbit. It was never loose. The person he got it from told him it was a male and he took his word for it, like the next day it had babies. Im very aware what wild rabbits look like considering there are lots of them around my home but thanks for the sarcasm.
Information like that is important and should be shared in the first post. There are COMPLETELY different protocols when dealing with domestic rabbits! If you had shared that information the FIRST TIME around, that would have helped alot!

I don't know what your deal is, but you are driving everyone insane with constantly changing your stories. Either way, I'm done dealing with you. Next time please make an effort to describe the situation more accurately the first time around or atleast correct people who are taking the time to help you. There are completely different things you do for this kind of situation since it is a domestic rabbit and not a wild one.
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