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Originally Posted by chico2 View Post
A strange question perhaps,but when you say Raggs has a"bleed",how do you know,is there blood in his feces,or do you just judge by the color of his gums??
Not really that strange IMHO There has never been any blood in his stool or barf and yes, I am assuming that he has a "bleed" because of the colour of his gums and the fact I know that is what is expected to happen. But I have also noticed small areas of dark "bruising" forming on the lump on his belly, that are increasing in size, however the lump still has some pink skin, originally was all pink. There are also a few new bumps on his abdomen that have a "dark blue" center that looks to me like a bad bruise. These dark areas were disappearing after a few days but I still saw them there last night and this morning. I have thought they are blood pooling after a bleed but they could just as well be something else. When I notice them it is always after a day or two of extreme tiredness and a period of rapid breathing.

When I got up this morning he was lying in the sun and demanding to be let outside. Not sure if he's much stronger because he went spread eagled at the top of the stairs before going down the stairs but he was able to recover and get downstairs without help. He then went back to bed when he came in but he was barking at the cats this morning too which he hasn't been doing much of in the last few days. Funny how I hang onto such little things, but I guess that's normal.

Thanks for the good wishes
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